Talk Talk (Bloomsbury UK Bloomsbury UK)

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Autor/Verlag: Boyle, T. C.

404 Seiten
HxBxD: 198mm x 128mm x 30mm
Sprache: Englisch
There's more than one to way to take a life in this masterful thriller from one of the greatest voices in American contemporary fiction

Dana sits in a courtroom with her legs shackled as a long list of charges is read out, many of them dangerous. But the panic that grips her is not because she has been caught. She knows there has been a terrible mistake - she didn't commit any of these crimes. As Dana and her lover Bridger set out to clear her name and find the person who is living a blameless life of criminal excess at her expense, they begin to test the life they have built together to its limits.

Autor Boyle, T. C.