The Supernova Era (Head of Zeus)

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Autor/Verlag: Liu, Cixin, Martinsen, Joel

[Übersetzt: Martinsen, Joel]
UK Airports
352 Seiten
von 2019
HxBxD: 229mm x 147mm x 26mm
Sprache: Englisch
'Cixin Liu is the author of your next favourite sci-fi novel' WIRED .

Eight years ago and eight light years away, a supermassive star died.

Tonight, a supernova tsunami of high energy will finally reach Earth. Dark skies will shine bright as a new star blooms in the heavens and within a year everyone over the age of thirteen will be dead, their chromosomes irreversibly damaged.

And so the countdown begins.

Parents apprentice their children and try to pass on the knowledge they'll need to keep the world running.

But the last generation may not want to carry the legacy of their parents' world. And though they imagine a better, brighter future, they may not be able to escape humanity's dark instincts...

'China's answer to Arthur C. Clarke' THE NEW YORKER .

'Wildly imaginative, really interesting ... The scope of it was immense' BARACK OBAMA.

Autor Liu, Cixin, Martinsen, Joel